Noise Control - RT / QS Rectangular Duct Attenuators Series

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Q-Seal attenuators have an impervious seal between the acoustic fill and ambient air. They are used when no possibility of fiber fly or ambient contamination of the acoustic fill is allowable. Typical applications are as follows:-
- clean rooms
- operating theaters
- wet environments where attenuators are exposed to the elements
- kitchen exhaust systems
- applications where workers are sensitive to fiber exposure

Construction & Testing

The complete range of rectangular Q-Seal attenuators have been tested on the Q-Tech insertion loss test rig in full accordance wit BS4718:1971. It was found, during testing, that the performance of attenuators of standard construction but with an impervious membrane, was severely degraded. To overcome the degradation and optimize performance, a unique combination of materials was developed to address the problem. The final result is a product that is full supported by testing and, most importantly, with certified results that can be relied upon.


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